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5 Lessons Marketers in Southeast Asia Can Learn from HQ Trivia’s Viral Success

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images   Take a look around your office at 3:00 pm and you’ll likely see at least a few distracted employees glued to their cell phones playing HQ, a new live mobile trivia game show with cash prizes. The game, which was founded by the creators of Vine in October 2017, has taken the world by storm. On New Year’s Day, the quiz show app cemented its viral status when over one million people participated in the game. My introduction to HQ came at the end of a long day when I sat unwinding with my family in our living room. At the stroke of nine o’clock I noticed that my daughter’s attention turned, like a switch, to her phone. “This is HQ,” she informed me. Watching over her shoulder, I was struck by the Vegas-style light show that precedes each game and by the first few questions, which are extraordinarily easy. When I realized my daughter was playing alongside more than 600,000 additional players I understood I was witnessing a true viral phenomenon. What makes HQ so popular and what can marketers learn from the game’s success as they strive to make their own campaigns go viral? Check out these five lessons: If there’s one thing that marketers can learn from the success of HQ it’s that people will do just about anything for the chance to win money — no matter how small the amount. The HQ jackpot is usually $2,000, split between everyone who… [Read full story]